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                            $198  cleaning up to 6 ducts (including sanitizing and deodorizing)




Why evaporative cooling needs to be cleaned


Over time, dust, debris and dead insects collect in your ducts and as you fail to clean them away, every time you turn on your cooling system, all these things are slowly blown into your house. In the unit in the ceiling, the pads around the unit become contaminated with dust, spider webs and dead insects as well. As such, the quality of the air going through the ducts is reduced. The sump (which holds the water) in the unit also needs to be cleaned to prevent build-up of bacteria in the water.



How we clean your evaporative cooling unit


On the roof, we remove all pads and clean them. Pads can either be Aspen pads – straw type wrapped in fishnet or Celdek – compressed cardboard like honeycomb.

These generally collect leaf and other debris when the unit is not in use. Also, the unit has a sump which holds the water. During non-use periods, the sump fills with water from rain and whatever is left over from using the unit during the summer. The water stagnates and algae, mould and other debris are left. These need to be cleaned out and sanitized.

Inside the unit there is a large fan which should be cleaned and checked as well as a pump to bring the water into the unit. The unit also has a dump valve to allow excess water out of the unit and on to the roof. This should be cleaned and checked for any blockages. All duct work is also cleaned as per ducted heating.